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Why display your work on E-Cards?

  • Great exposure: E-Cards receives thousands of visitors each day.
  • Fun resource: A fun way to send your images to friends and family. A great link for your website.
  • Improve your web ranking and traffic: Links from your "Artist Page" will drive traffic to your website and help your site's search engine ranking.
  • Help the environment: Your images will gain a positive environmental association and help us support environmental action.

E-Cards' Image Submission Program:

E-Cards' Contributor:
This program is a fantastic opportunity for anyone with 1 to 3 images or animations. If selected, the submission will become part of our site's array of memorable imagery. Approved contributors will receive a direct link to their images for faster E-Card access and sending.
  E-Cards' Artist:
An E-Cards contributor must have a total of 4 images selected for posting. E-Cards' artists may choose to have a biography hosted on E-Cards. Artists will also receive a direct link to their images for faster E-Card access and sending.

To Qualify for Image Approval:

Submission selection is decided by the E-Cards Artist Review Panel. In reviewing all work, our panel tries to make its evaluations based on the following criteria:
  • Image/scan quality.
  • Thematic fit with our site. Our panel favors the following themes: wildlife, nature, environment, indigenous peoples, destinations, exotic locations, holidays, special occasions and animations.
  • Inherent appeal: fun, beautiful, cute, humorous...

Details For Submitting Your Image(s):

If you are interested submitting images to E-Cards, please send us an e-mail containing the following:
  1. Your name.
  2. Your images.
    • File format: GIF, JPEG, TIFF, Photoshop or Flash/SWF. Only digital images can be submitted.
    • High quality images - not overly compressed or shrunk in dimension.
    • Minimum dimension (height or width): 1,000 pixels.
  3. Titles for each image.
  4. Geographic locations for each image (if applicable).
  5. Your website URL (if applicable).

If accepted, artists will be asked to sign a statement verifying that they are the creator and sole copyright owner of their submissions. Photographs containing images of people will require photo releases.

Please send all formatted image submissions and all necessary details to:

We look forward to viewing your images!

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